Rowan Now an Institutional Member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

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Earlier this year, Rowan became an institutional member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art (PAFA).  With this distinct honor, Rowan students and faculty can gain free entry into both the museum’s locations: the Historic building and the Hamilton.

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts was founded in 1805 by painter Charles Wilson Peales, sculptor William Rush, and several other notable artists and entrepeneurs.  It is considered the first Art school and museum in the United States.

Being a member of this esteemed institution doesn’t just make the University look good; it offers Rowan’s art students the opportunity to visit some of the US’s finest art without any burden on the wallet.

“The opportunity to enjoy art in person is something that helps inspire an art student,” says Fred Adelson, a professor of art history at rowan university. “At the same time, all students are enhanced by any opportunity to see significant art.  Since the focus of the Academy is on American works, this becomes even more special to our cultural heritage.  We are so fortunate to have Philadelphia at our back door, so this also connects our campus in Glassboro with the city’s cultural resources; it offers another venue for all students to broaden their experiences.”

Membership into the world renown PAFA will also garner prestige for Rowan’s art program and the University as a whole.

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“It’s a big deal to become a member of PAFA,” says Rowan Admissions Coordinator and student, Danielle Petulla. “We’re one of a very select few Universities.  It’s going to get our program more attention and a lot of respect.”

PAFA is a non profit organization and depends on donations and proceeds from membership to continue its mission to “be a defining voice for education in the evolving traditions and cultural diversity of the fine arts in America.”  So after you take advantage of the wonderful free exhibits, check out the Giving and Membership page and support their cause.

Some notable Alumni of PAFA include: Daniel Garber, noted American impressionist landscape painter; David Lynch, surrealist film and television auteur; and John Marin, early American modernist painter.


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