Meet Art Major and Graphic Designer Josh Carter

Art Major, graphic designer and all-around creative dude, Josh Carter, was born in Arvada Colorado.  He moved to South Jersey at the ripe age of one.  When he’s not in class, with his girlfriend, or “broing out,” The David Lynch-influenced Josh sends free art to people through his website.  Josh was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.  Enjoy!

"The best part about a pencil that's too sharp to put in your pocket is that you get to hold it."-Josh Carter

How would you describe your artistic philosophy?

I would describe my artistic philosophy as a lot of different philosophies combined into one. I think you can find art anywhere.

Why did you initially get into art?

I initially got into art because it was something I loved to do and it didn’t hurt like work did.

Which art courses did you enjoy the most?

I really enjoyed taking the motion courses at Rowan. I had motion one which is animation based, motion two which concentrates on video and an independent study in motion where I concentrated on animation and video. Here’s my main project from that independent study.

What does Rowan’s membership to PAFA mean for art students?

The PAFA membership is great i wish i had more time to go hang out at the museum.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming merger of the Fine and performing arts program into the Communications Department?

At first I wasn’t for it but now I don’t mind because it’s not going to change anything really.

If you could give an aspiring artist one bit of advice what would it be?

I do lots of different art. video and animation are one of my main out lets and then there’s the design side of my art life so lately on the design side I’ve been heavily influenced by Aaron Draplin. He’s a very down to earth designer who started out as a snowboard art designer and  one of his most recent jobs was designing the logo for the stimulus package.

His philosophy: if you’re making art that you love, then its good art.



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