Meet Public Relations/Journalism Double-Major Darrah Foster

There is a reason Rowan’s Art department will merge into the School of Communications next year.  Both disciplines require a high level of creativity.  Public Relations/Journalism double-Major, Darrah Foster pursues art mainly as a hobby.  When she isn’t perfecting her writing and preparing presentations for her senior Case Studies class, carrying out her many responsibilities as President of Rowan’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), or working at her internship, Darrah enjoys drawing,  painting, and singing.  She was kind enough to take some time out of her busy day to answer some questions and send me some of her work. Enjoy!

16 X 20 acrylic

1.What go you into art?
I started drawing when I was younger (around 7). I used to draw up my own magazines and pictures for my mom and dad. When I got to middle school I began to use art as an outlet. One of my watercolor paints was sold at an art show for $35. I was one happy teenager!

24 X 36 acrylic

2.What is your favorite stlye?
I love to do abstact art in acryllic. Acryllic is my favorite medium because it is very forgiving. Another style is freehand drawing then painting it on a canvas in acryllic.


3.What are some of youre inspirations?
The people in my life are ususally my inspirations. The big painting I am working on right now is inspired by my brother. He wanted something that represented him and his wife and son. So I chose our last name “Foster” and was inspired by their livingroom. Another inspiration is my emotions. I found that my emotions never fail me when I am doing something artistic. I did the Dave and Darrah painting thinking of the greatest love, Dave and I. The whole time I just thought of us as an inspiration. For “my brothers eyes” sketching and the “door to freedom” sketching, I pulled from my emotions of missing him when he went away to the ARMY.

18 x 24 graphite powder sketching

4.Do you plan on pursuing a career in art or maybe the creative?
Well, as you know, I am a PR and Journalism major. I love to design and layout things. I wouldn’t mind working on an internal or external publications for a company. I will always use my creativity, whether I get paid or not. It is something that is in my blood. I come from a very artisticly expressive family. We write, dance, sing and paint.

16 X 12 Charcoal

5.What advice would you give to people who aren’t art majors but still want to pursue it as a hobby?
Follow your heart, first and foremost. Your heart will always want you to perform artisticly. Art is a form of expression, and you should use that as an outlet.

9 x 12 color pencil drawing


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