Meet Art/Psych Double-Major Danielle Brazinski

Spotswood, NJ native, Danielle Brazinksi, loves people and art, so shes decided to pick up dual majors in art and psychology to eventually pursue a career in art therapy.  She is heavily involved in PROS (Peer Referral Orientation Staff) and Pscyh Alliance.  When she isn’t working as a waitress, in class, or at meetings, she spends her time engaging in her raison d’etre: creating art.

Danielle chooses not to name her pieces, she would rather people assign a title based on their own opinions.

How would you describe your artistic philosophy?

I suppose my artistic philosophy is to be able to visualize what you’re putting down on canvas, paper, etc-to be able to express or convey your own message. There are so many possibilities for you to enjoy while your mind is putting your ideas out for the world.

Why did you initially get into art?

Whenever I was in school-from the beginning where Art classes for a necessity for you to take-I always excelled past most students with my abilities. So when I got to high school and I could continue them, I did. The teacher that I had was someone who got you so mad at her that you pushed yourself to do the best you could. She did it out of love for her students, and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I got into Advanced Placement Art and then into nine different colleges because of my portfolio.

Which art courses did you enjoy the most?

The art classes that I enjoyed the most were probably Jewelry and Metals because it was a way different technique than I have ever been exposed too. I was able to build 3-D pieces out of metals. I also thoroughly enjoyed my Expressive Drawing class. I was able to be as free as I wanted. There were very thin guidelines, so I was able to express myself in the best way. Also, I will add in Perception because I was able to learn about the visual system and how it responds to color from the scientific aspect of it.

What does Rowan’s membership to PAFA mean for art students?

The PAFA membership is majorly beneficial to Rowan Students in general. There aren’t many people out there who don’t enjoy looking at something magnificent like art pieces. The Rowan art students are able to go there for inspiration, and to enjoy someone’s art besides their own.

What artists influenced you the most when you started making art?

The artists that influenced me the most when I first started making art were actually the people around me. I learned so many different techniques watching them. The project that influenced me the most was when we were assigned to paint a mural in the high school. We had to work in groups, and the people that I worked with were on board to go above and beyond to paint a 576 ft mural, filling an entire hallway in the school.

What artists currently influence you?

I am, and always will be, a Salvador Dali fan. I come across many different artists and I pick up things here and there. I like Banksy a lot because he has many different qualities about his work. Chuck Close has always had a place in my heart to because of his amazing work with color. He has so many colors on a canvas, that create such an astounding piece. It is difficult to go through all my inspirations because I’ve picked up so many things over the years from things I’ve seen.

If you could give an aspiring artist one bit of advice what would it be?

If I could give words aspiration to a new artist, I would tell them that no matter what anyone else says, you are an artist because you’re able to create something that no one else can.


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