Well hello there, friends.  Welcome to my blog.  I hope your journey here was effortless and enjoyable–the interweb can be a perilous place so consider yourself lucky to have gotten here unharmed.

I was born Joseph Bryan Major Jr. at Seacaucus Medical Center during the merciless winter of 1990, on the 24th of february.  For the sake of brevity, you may henceforth call me Joe.  but enough about me…

Through this blog, I hope to showcase the myriad of art being produced by the artists of Rowan University.  Whether it be bold, daring, and erotic or maybe a more traditional “drawn to a likeness” style akin to Bob Ross or that Kincaid fella all our mothers love, it’s all fair game.  This is a place for art appreciation not discrimination or pretension.

But it’s not just about the visuals; I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the people creating the art and in doing so present it to a wider audience (and by “wider” i’m hoping for a number at least in the triple digits).  Because as the late (and great) Kurt Vonnegut Jr. said in his semi fictional novel, Timequake, “There are virtually no respected paintings made by persons about whom we know zilch. […] If you are unwilling to claim credit for your pictures, and to say why you hoped others might find them worth examining, there goes the ball game. Pictures are famous for their humanness, and not their pictureness.”


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