Seven Exciting Exhibits in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania Area

It’s very important for budding artists (and even experienced ones) to seek outside works of creativity for inspiration.  These days, artistic illumination is always around the corner; you can view some of the world’s most famous art without leaving the confines of your home because of a neat little invention: the internet.  But while the Web offers a seemingly endless array of art, it can’t compare to seeing the works up close and personal (besides the “Mona Lisa,” which is very underwhelming in person).

This popular work of art has taken on a larger than life status but is actually only 30 x 20 7/8 inches in size.

There serendipitous nature of attending an exhibition you know little about opens the mind in ways that scrolling through photos of galleries can never match.  Here is a list of seven exciting exhibitions in the area:

Back to Basics 20 artists from Israel, Europe, and the United States join curator, Doron Rabina, at the Institute of Contemporary Art to analyze the nature of origin and originality. Open through Dec.4

Ahoy, matey! N.C Wyeth’s famous Treasure Island-inspired oil paintings on view at the Brandywine River Museum through Nov.20

N.C. Wyeth illustration inspired by Treasure Island

Gilgamesh in steel Philadelphia sculptor, Joe Mooney offers a three-dimensional retelling of the classic epic at Ursinus College through Dec. 11

Remembering South Cape May New Exhibit from curator, Robert Kenselaar, that examines the rise and fall of vibrant Cape May community.  Now at Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities til Nov. 6

The Global Art of Patchwork:Africa and Asia A wide array of patchwork from from vary countries- China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, India, Japan, Korea, Nigeria, Sudan and Tibet- all on display at the Newark Museum through Dec.31

The Life and Death of Buildings Deals with the relationship between space and time through the deconstruction of photography and sculpture on display.  Open through Nov. 6 at the Princeton University Art Museum.

Form in Motion Iraqi-born British architect, Zaha Hadid’s innovative sculptures are on display for the first time in United States at the Philadelphia Museum of Art through March.25

Dubai Opera House and Cultural Centre by Zaha Hadid


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